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Do you know HTML?

1. Make blog/forum Templates – select a popular weblog or forum software program, layout some first-class templates for it and sell them.

2. Create MySpace Layouts – This is basically the identical mission as the blog templates, but an entirely one-of-a-kind marketplace. you may also be able to reuse the equal template for each purposes.

3. Begin an online save – Order products wholesale, or drop shipped and create your personal storefront.
Do you know HTML?
Ways to make money online

4. Begin an affiliate website – Don’t want to deal with the complications of promoting your very own merchandise? Refer traffic to a person else’s merchandise and earn a commission.
5. Open a digital Storefront – constructing your personal associate website continues to be an excessive amount of be just right for you? Then don’t, open a digital storefront hosted via a person else, using websites like and

6. Provide Paid opinions from your internet site – other website owners will pay you to check their website for your site or blog. Make from $10-$50 each or extra by means of imparting those critiques.

7. Start a directory – building up a first-class list of websites on a given subject matter and get other web sites to hyperlink to this useful resource. Then start promoting premium listings in this directory.

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Have More Time Than Talent?

1. Put up to Social Bookmarking web sites – simply look at the virtual factor boards and you’ll see lots of humans deciding to buy a person to Digg or Stumble their website. You’ll be considered the scum of the earth by using the customers of those web sites, but may have some more bucks for your pocket.

2. Get paid to Surf – You gained’t make a lot, you’ll be giving up your privacy and probable be installing malware, but this list wouldn’t be whole with out the obligatory get paid to surf reference.
3. Take Surveys – a few websites will pay you to finish surveys. not constantly in cash, but occasionally you may get loose samples or factors to shop for merchandise with.
Have More Time Than Talent?
Ways to make money online

4. Get free Samples – You probable gained’t locate free cash, but hiya inventory up on all the free samples, mouse pads and different junk you could find! There are tons of freebie sites who’ve accomplished the hard work of finding those freebies for you.
5. Input Contests – in case you’ve got some time to kill, input a few contests. you may no longer win the seaside house, but I’ve personally received loose pizza’s, mobile phone accessories and flora from some local on-line contests.
6. Information access – right here’s ole devoted. people frequently need facts moved from one type of report to some other, or written/verbal notes dictated. It’s paintings pretty a great deal anybody can do.
7. Emerge as a digital Assistant – once in a while human beings want studies done on whatever from locating a sure vehicle however don’t have time to do it themselves. provide this studies carrier for them and rate by the hour. It’s a real industry with it’s personal business enterprise.
8. Receives a commission to search – With websites like Winzy you may win prizes for searching.

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Got Talent? Monetize it Online

1. File Songs and sell on line – that is if you don’t suck. With on-line downloads, report labels are becoming a factor of the beyond. If you acquire the goods, promote it online at palces like Arkade.

2. Sell artwork on line – If you could paint, draw, cartoon, make caricatures, and so forth attempt selling them on-line. you will be surprised what number of people are willing to shop for it.
Ways to make money online
Ways to make money online

3. Compose Midi’s – Create both your personal original creation or your interpretation of more popular songs and promote them as midi’s or ring tones.

4. Make movies – sites like Revver and damage will share ad sales or maybe pay you to your films. Make something clever and add it.
5. Contribute to a collection – whether it’s a recipe, brief story, poem or some thing. you could now not be capable of sell it by myself, however ought to get royalties from contributing it to a collection.

Have An Artistic Touch?

1. Edit images for Others – you could restore antique pix, or provide present ones an inventive touch, pleasant frame, etc. My brother gives this provider for youngster’s sports snap shots at Zongker team photos.
Have an artistic touch?
Ways to make money online

2. Create Video Montages – Have human beings e-mail you a stack of images and put together a nice DVD to tune for weddings, anniversaries, reunions, funerals, and many others.

3. Create image Mosaics – You know the ones nifty photos which are made up from 500 smaller images. Have customers ship you the virtual snap shots they need to apply and you could create these mechanically with software like Andrea Mosaic.

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Good with Photoshop? Monetize it

1. Layout logos – every accurate commercial enterprise needs a good emblem. you'll be just the man or woman to provide it.
2. Layout web sites – Why stop with the brand, complete web sites want to be designed. i'm horrible at design so hired Evermark to layout this site. different webmasters are hiring too.
3. Design ads – webmasters still want layout paintings after the site is created. Create banners and different expert advertisements for websites.
4. Draw Cartoons – you may have observed our section of debt cartoons. i'm able to let you know I didn’t draw them, it was Dan from begin your personal cartoon enterprise.
5. Layout T-Shirts – provide you with a pleasing photo or a few interesting textual content and sites like CafePress will help you slap it on a t-blouse and sell it.
Good with photoshop? Monetize it
Ways to make money online

6. Layout a Seal – here’s a touch secret, maximum of these “authority seals” you see surely don’t suggest something. They just seem like they supply a website credibility, so site owners are inclined to shop for them because they enhance the conversion charge. Create your very own, make up some suggestions and charge $300 for websites to apply it.
7. Create digital Scrap booking Templates – people love to scrapbook and a few favor to do it at the computer. Create templates for every event that allow your customers to simply slide in their own photographs.
8. Make Clipart and Icons – people nevertheless need those. any other option is comment pix for web sites like MySpace. build packages of those, deliver some away at no cost and sell the rest.
9. Create MySpace Backgrounds - Don’t stop at the remark tags. Myspace is a gold mine for promoting simple customizations in case you’re excellent at it. Create some best backgrounds and cash in.
10. Make Photoshop Brushes and Filters – in case you’re a real wiz at Photoshop, amplify its capability and you could make a fortune.

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Got Some Money To Invest?

1. Turn websites or domain names – There are endless web sites and domain names for promote each day at locations like DigitalPoint, SitePoint and DnForum. find the bargains and turn them round for a fast profit.

2. Buy profitable web sites and keep Them – the same old going price for a small profitable website is 10-365 days profits. buy a few gemstones, hold onto them beyond 10-twelve months and obtain the benefits.

3. Learn the artwork of p.c Arbitrage – positioned up a simple internet site that has commercials, affiliate packages or some different supply of sales. If you could discover the right phrases and buy traffic to the web site reasonably-priced enough, it’s feasible to make a income on the distinction on what you buy the visitors for and what you promote it for.
Ways to make money online

4. Turn out to be a day trader – better realize what you’re doing on this one as it’s just as clean to free cash with it as make it. but it could be pretty profitable if you recognise what you’re doing.

5. Convert E-currency – There are several forum posts regular for individuals who need to transform some EGold cash into Paypal cash, and so on. provide this provider and fee a 5%-10% rate for it.

6. Purchase a elaborate device – buy a high tech printer, engraver or computerized sewing gadget and rate human beings for the objects you could produce with it.

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Don’t Mind Working In The Real World?

1. Take inventory pix – Take smart snap shots and promote them for inventory snap shots on different web sites. websites like will let you sell the identical image to hundreds of web sites.
Make Money Online
Ways to make money online

2. Make Stuff to promote online – If you could duvet, sew, work with wooden or are descent at some other mission, you may make it and sell it on line.

3. Input information for Google Maps – Google is presently paying human beings to take images of organizations and enter basic records such as hours of operation. go to the neighborhood business complicated next to the grocery shop and you can knock out 50 of these in a few hours.

Ever Heard Of eBay? Make Money On It

1. Sell Your Junk on Ebay – The packaging and mailing is a ache, but it certain beats having a garage sale.

2. Buy different Peoples Junk and promote it on Ebay – visit storage income and resell for higher, or buy bulk discontinued gadgets and promote them off individually.
Make money online
Ways to make money online

3. sell different Peoples Junk on Ebay for Them – There’s a shop on without a doubt every nook that does this now. Why no longer you?

4. Create a digital keep on Ebay with Drop delivery – Create a huge storefront with tons of products. The splendor is, via working with a non-public label drop delivery company you don’t ought to really have these products. just order one while you make a sale and that they’ll deliver it out for you, along with your call on it. You don’t ought to address the packaging both!

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Can You Program? Monetize it today

1. Write software for Resale – I’ve individually bought equipment on some of occasions I knew I could write myself just because they have been cheap sufficient to justify buying them instead of spending the time to write it.

2. Write a web issue – I’m sure you’ve bought fancy drop down menus, charting, comboboxes, and so forth before. If now not with your personal cash than for a mission at work. Write a factor like this and sell it.

3. Develop web sites for Others – this is sort of a no brainer. do a little side work, you can in all likelihood charge 2-3x in line with hour what you receives a commission on your day activity. websites like lease A Coder and Elance can put you in touch with buyers.
Software Programming
Ways to make money online

4. Automate manual Jobs and rate per activity – I’ve visible several humans asking for bureaucracy to be populated from Google Maps or Yahoo answers facts. Write a short app to try this, but fee in step with entry the same as if you had been manually doing it.

5. Make bigger existing software – Create a plugin, construct a storefront package deal on top of Amazon internet offerings, make a bulletin board machine extra search engine optimization pleasant, or whatever you dream up. by extending the functionality of current software, you may quick build a person base.

6. Begin Your personal search Engine – now not from scratch, Google offers a fantastic API if you want to build your personal custom search engine. construct one round a sure subject matter, offer a better design or deliver out random prizes. when humans search out of your web page and click at the commercials, you get credit.

7. Construct Canned websites for Resell – Create a internet site for a particular enterprise once, provide it a descent admin after which resell copies of it time and again. just swap out the brand, a few pics and also you’re properly to head. This works in particular properly for associate advertising web sites.

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Would You Like To Be A Middle Man?

1. Placed as US Face on an overseas commercial enterprise – humans outsource remote places as it’s tons less expensive. but because of communication problems and some bad experience people also are weary of it. find a few workers foreign places you may trust who have a selected talent, and open a US shop the front imparting that provider. rate the top rate charges for a US company and “oversee” the remote places paintings.

2. Prepare Forum Posters – when beginning a discussion board many webmasters will hire posters to get it started out. Paying 50 human beings $5 each is a pain and you in no way recognize the form of paintings you’ll get. put together a team and provide a one prevent save for webmasters.

3. Offer Customer Referral Exchanges – Programmers often will get more tasks at one time than they are able to handle and need to refer them off. Pay those programmers 10% to refer customers to you, and rate different developers 20% to ship referrals to them. Pocket the distinction. The same is real with different professions.
Ways to make money

4. Be a link dealer – Many humans want to buy nice links for their websites even as others need to promote them. Be the intermediary to make these connections and make a profit at the charge difference.

5. Sell websites and domains for Others – some human beings have quality web sites or domain names however either don’t recognize how or don’t have the time to go approximately promoting them. offer this carrier and price a 10% charge.

6. Refer Others to Jobs – Many corporations pays referral bonuses of $500-$1,000+ for referring the proper candidate for a process. increase relationships with recruiters and scour activity forums for applicants that healthy. Make the relationship and pocket the cash.

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