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Can You Program? Monetize it today

1. Write software for Resale – I’ve individually bought equipment on some of occasions I knew I could write myself just because they have been cheap sufficient to justify buying them instead of spending the time to write it.

2. Write a web issue – I’m sure you’ve bought fancy drop down menus, charting, comboboxes, and so forth before. If now not with your personal cash than for a mission at work. Write a factor like this and sell it.

3. Develop web sites for Others – this is sort of a no brainer. do a little side work, you can in all likelihood charge 2-3x in line with hour what you receives a commission on your day activity. websites like lease A Coder and Elance can put you in touch with buyers.
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4. Automate manual Jobs and rate per activity – I’ve visible several humans asking for bureaucracy to be populated from Google Maps or Yahoo answers facts. Write a short app to try this, but fee in step with entry the same as if you had been manually doing it.

5. Make bigger existing software – Create a plugin, construct a storefront package deal on top of Amazon internet offerings, make a bulletin board machine extra search engine optimization pleasant, or whatever you dream up. by extending the functionality of current software, you may quick build a person base.

6. Begin Your personal search Engine – now not from scratch, Google offers a fantastic API if you want to build your personal custom search engine. construct one round a sure subject matter, offer a better design or deliver out random prizes. when humans search out of your web page and click at the commercials, you get credit.

7. Construct Canned websites for Resell – Create a internet site for a particular enterprise once, provide it a descent admin after which resell copies of it time and again. just swap out the brand, a few pics and also you’re properly to head. This works in particular properly for associate advertising web sites.

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