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Do you know HTML?

1. Make blog/forum Templates – select a popular weblog or forum software program, layout some first-class templates for it and sell them.

2. Create MySpace Layouts – This is basically the identical mission as the blog templates, but an entirely one-of-a-kind marketplace. you may also be able to reuse the equal template for each purposes.

3. Begin an online save – Order products wholesale, or drop shipped and create your personal storefront.
Do you know HTML?
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4. Begin an affiliate website – Don’t want to deal with the complications of promoting your very own merchandise? Refer traffic to a person else’s merchandise and earn a commission.
5. Open a digital Storefront – constructing your personal associate website continues to be an excessive amount of be just right for you? Then don’t, open a digital storefront hosted via a person else, using websites like and

6. Provide Paid opinions from your internet site – other website owners will pay you to check their website for your site or blog. Make from $10-$50 each or extra by means of imparting those critiques.

7. Start a directory – building up a first-class list of websites on a given subject matter and get other web sites to hyperlink to this useful resource. Then start promoting premium listings in this directory.

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  1. html code is one of the best thing i like to learn all day, thanks. im bookmarking this site for my daily visits

  2. Then, once you've created the hyperlink, click the button to view the HTML (in some editors it's labeled "view source"), select all of the code by right clicking and "select all" and copy it. Then paste the HTML code into the HTML field in your website editor or in the forum.html forum

  3. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your knowledge