Good with Photoshop? Monetize it -


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Good with Photoshop? Monetize it

1. Layout logos – every accurate commercial enterprise needs a good emblem. you'll be just the man or woman to provide it.
2. Layout web sites – Why stop with the brand, complete web sites want to be designed. i'm horrible at design so hired Evermark to layout this site. different webmasters are hiring too.
3. Design ads – webmasters still want layout paintings after the site is created. Create banners and different expert advertisements for websites.
4. Draw Cartoons – you may have observed our section of debt cartoons. i'm able to let you know I didn’t draw them, it was Dan from begin your personal cartoon enterprise.
5. Layout T-Shirts – provide you with a pleasing photo or a few interesting textual content and sites like CafePress will help you slap it on a t-blouse and sell it.
Good with photoshop? Monetize it
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6. Layout a Seal – here’s a touch secret, maximum of these “authority seals” you see surely don’t suggest something. They just seem like they supply a website credibility, so site owners are inclined to shop for them because they enhance the conversion charge. Create your very own, make up some suggestions and charge $300 for websites to apply it.
7. Create digital Scrap booking Templates – people love to scrapbook and a few favor to do it at the computer. Create templates for every event that allow your customers to simply slide in their own photographs.
8. Make Clipart and Icons – people nevertheless need those. any other option is comment pix for web sites like MySpace. build packages of those, deliver some away at no cost and sell the rest.
9. Create MySpace Backgrounds - Don’t stop at the remark tags. Myspace is a gold mine for promoting simple customizations in case you’re excellent at it. Create some best backgrounds and cash in.
10. Make Photoshop Brushes and Filters – in case you’re a real wiz at Photoshop, amplify its capability and you could make a fortune.

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